Founder Message


Message from Founder Secretary

All forms of organizations are contrived with a purpose to help the society cope with specific problems it confronts. Tapas Shekshik Punarwas Evam Anusandhan Sansthan, Dungarpur is dedicated to improve the quality of life of the persons with disabilities in the poorly developed Tribal dominant area Dungarpur, Banswara and Pratapgarh district.

Since the establishment of Tapas Shekshik Punarwas Evam Anusandhan Sansthan, Dungarpur in 2000, we have been deeply determined to achieve one fundamental goal that is to help each child to develop abilities, create a positive self-image through a structured learning environment, achieve success in life and be included in the society.

Where we are today, not reached in a day or two, it took long journey of 20 years.  We have started very humbly and with only 02 children without any resources. We didn’t stop with hurdles and with support of community, presently we are serving more than 350 children with disability. Till date we have successfully placed 85 in gainfully employment and many have successful life in our community.

The secret of all the achievements was just one that we concentrated on augmenting team work, because our belief is that each individual is an improving key in every establishment. We do understand the importance of each staff member including parents being able to perform in a safe and supportive working environment that supports and instills the desire to do his or her best. I am especially thankful to each member of team TAPAS for translating all their potential into action that makes me absolutely proud of them.

It feels nice writing about the achievements but each success has its own labour pains. We passed through them with the experienced and able guidance &assistance of our Governing Council, Executive Committee and Trustees. I would like to thank them for standing by us always. I would also like to extend my profound thanks to all our donors. Without their support we wouldn’t have been able to reach where we are.

I would like to end my note by mentioning one of our focal maxims, which has enabled us to come this far in the areas of our services– “Never Give up!”

Dr. Puranmal Sharma
Founder Secretary